Hovest-Engberding Baumschulen

Environmental protection

Sustainability and climate protection are two defining issues of our time. Planting urban space can make an important contribution to counteracting negative developments.

But not only climate protection is currently on everyone's lips, but also the preservation of biodiversity by protecting important pollinator insects such as bees and bumblebees. These need suitable living space, which is becoming increasingly scarce. Here, too, the right planting is of great value and sets a conscious example against dreary gravel areas in front gardens, for example. However, the use of targeted planting has other, directly noticeable advantages. It is well known that plants not only “swallow” CO2, but also particulate matter and even noise. In addition, shading by plants and trees is becoming increasingly important in times of increasingly extreme heat waves. We are happy to recommend which plants are ideal for which location and purpose. We look forward to your call and your visit to us in Stadtlohn.